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Nature provides pure and simple ingredients needed for the healthy living of mankind. We are focusing on a variety of traditional, natural treatments incorporated with clean modern mass production techniques.

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Mangalodayam Vaidyasala is a traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyasala in Changaramkulam, Malappuram District of Kerala. With over 50 years of experience in ayurvedic medicine preparation and treatments we stand at the top in Ayurvedic treatments. We have about 50 branches and over 100 stockers all over Kerala. Mangalodayam Vaidyasala produces Kashayams, Asavarishtams, Lehyams, Gruthams, choornams, capsules and a wide variety of ayurvedic products.

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Ayurveda started as an oral tradition in India about 5000 years ago. Documentations about Ayurveda is found in ancient sacred texts like Rig Veda and even found in old civilizations like Indus valley civilization.

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